The Rug

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When we heard that our offer on our home was accepted I immediately started designing a mood board. The mood board served as inspiration on color schemes and layout of rooms and decor. How did we want our home to feel? to look? I’m greatly influenced by modern vintage. I love all things from the past, especially when they have a modern twist. Also, bold and fresh patterns grab my attention. For the past few years my favorite color has been a golden saffron. I wanted one room with this as the main color and designed a scheme around it. My sweet husband knew just how long I’ve been waiting to decorate and design my own living space so he let me have at it. I was fortunate to have a little extra cash on hand since we only needed to purchase a washer and dryer and most of our furniture came from my Grandpa’s estate.

This mood board shows my color scheme and served as inspiration for our living room.

Having all hardwood floors I wanted an area rug for our living room. When I came across the Coqo floral rug at Anthropologie I fell head over heals! It was the perfect color and the pattern was bold with a vintage look. My only hesitation was the price. I’m pretty frugal, and while I love to go into Anthropologie to look at their window displays, beautiful packaging and clothing with frills, I rarely buy anything believing they are way overpriced. Immediately I started scouring the net looking for something similar. I was disappointed every time. I could find rugs with big, bold patterns but never in saffron. I could find yellow-gold rugs but never with a bold pattern. I stopped at a couple local rug stores and while the sales staff tried to find something similar they never found anything remotely resembling the rug. To make matters worse the prices at these stores were as much as 8 times higher than Anthropologie! I had no idea that nice area rugs were so costly, being that any rugs I’ve priced out came from Target (I love Target) but they did not have what I wanted either.

After doing all this research I realized the rug at Anthropologie was priced quite exceptionally for a super thick, cushy, 100% wool rug with a hand-tufted design. I placed my order and to my dismay a couple days later received an email that the yellow rug was no longer in stock. I was crushed but figured it wasn’t meant to be. I checked back often with no luck, but one day they had the yellow rug back in stock and only in the exact size I needed (coincidence? I think not). Tingly with excitement, I once again placed my order. And once again received an email a few days later. This time the rug was on back order. It would be available in 3 months. I waited and waited. I kept expecting an email that they could not fulfill my order but it never came. Three months later, I was notified that my order had shipped. This brought excitement, I couldn’t wait! It also brought fear. After wanting this rug for so long would I be disappointed? Would I have buyer’s remorse? Would the color be right? Did I order the right size? Would it be all that I had hoped it would be for the past 5 months? Well, the rug arrived a few days ago, and I’m still head over heals about it! No buyer’s remorse. No regrets. It’s perfect. It brings the room together just as I had planned before we even moved into our home.

Now to keep it clean, a no shoes policy may be in order, as well as, one guest dog at a time.

Getting the Coqo floral rug in place

Coqo floral rug with furniture

7 Responses to “The Rug”

  1. Chaleen Says:

    I TOTALLY love your rug and your mood board. I’m so happy that I’m not the only one that tries to decorate by how a room makes me “feel”. I also love Anthropologie!! If you ever need a shopping buddy — I’m your gal! Way to be brave, PATIENT, and fabulous!

  2. Beth Says:

    Rayna! I LOVE the rug. It’s exquisite. I also love the process in which you design your space(s)… very nifty, indeed.

  3. Anna Says:

    I love the rug! I’m also excited Liam has something soft to crawl on if we come over again.

    This is the problem/blessing about being a mom. I tend to mostly think about how things effect Liam. ie: “I want some Bubble Tea.” I can’t go now because Liam’s napping. Maybe after his nap, but they don’t have a drive thru. I’ll have to park, pull Liam out of the car seat, pay as I hold him, then get him and my bubble tea back in the car, and finally drive home, bring Liam inside, and enjoy my tea.

    All that stuff seriously goes through my mind. I usually decide it’s too much work and give up. Oh the joys of motherhood 😉

    In all seriousness… I look forward to seeing your lovely rug in person :)

  4. Rayna Says:

    Thanks Chaleen. I would love an Anthropologie shopping buddy!

  5. Rayna Says:

    Thanks Beth! I’m a bit of a perfectionist sometimes :)

  6. Rayna Says:

    Thanks Anna.

    That sounds like a lot of effort for a treat, one more reason for me to put off motherhood a bit longer 😉

    I hope to have you guys over for dinner soon and Liam can approve or disapprove the rug for crawling. It seems that our dinner parties may have to wait until after the new year. I can’t believe how full our November is and I imagine December will be busy for everyone!

  7. Chelsea Says:

    I’m not sure how I stumbled upon your site, but I love the
    rug you picked out!! I, too, am hesitant about buying things from
    Anthro b/c of the price, but now you’ve got me wanting to check out
    their rugs (I just bought my first home and am now starting to
    furnish it!)

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