2010 Beak and Botany calendar

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For those who remember my first blog post about a series of linoleum block cuts I was working on, those are finished!

Below is the final product I created with those linocuts! Introducing the 2010 Beak and Botany calendar. As the name suggests, it features a variety of birds and plant life, and one tree (which I know is not botanical, but give me a break).

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Peacock linoleum block cut

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I’ve been working on a personal project creating a series of block prints. Here is my first block cut. It is my version of a peacock. Carving the block took me back to high school when we actually used linoleum. I remember the material being very tough to carve and there was always someone in class that gouged themselves with the blade, fortunately I don’t remember being one of them. The product I am using here is Blick EZ-Cut printing blocks and it is wonderful! The soft material, as the name suggests, is very easy ┬áto cut and holds fairly good detail. More block cuts to come!


original sketchbook drawing

original sketchbook drawing